Our products and services are segmented as follows:

Everything for the car - accessories, maintenance & tools

 A broad range of accessories for motor vehicles of any kind, especially for passenger cars, covers the requirements of end consumers for practical items, which improve usage or make it easier to use, maintain or increase the value or just look good.

 Furthermore, we offer a high-quality portfolio of care and preservative agents through our own brand "Filmer". In addition to this range, we offer care items and further well-known care products.

 In addition, an extensive range of practical tools for the amateur and interested layman as well as tools for domestic use.



Super-Grip snow chains by Filmer

Excerpt from the test report. Please download the full test report as PDF-File *)

Here you can find the
"Public Datasheets"
according to provision number 648/2004/EG: Provision on detergents as of 31st March 2004(Appendix VII Section D)

Here you can find the
"Safety Datasheets"
for chemical products

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Bicycle- accessories and maintenance

An extensive range on accessories for the bicycle, as well as care products, textiles, rider equipment and safety items are part of this portfolio.

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Camping; hobby, leisure, travel

A very comprehensive portfolio of items for all leisure activities of active people for outdoor, camping, hiking, cycle and motor-touring, game, sport and fun.

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Gardening Equipment

A comprehensive range of gardening equipment for the amateur gardener as well as garden decorations can be found in this portfolio.

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Helpdesk, Service and Representation

This section is targeted towards manufacturers, businesses and consumers. We assume the full-service for introduction, sales and marketing for the goods of the manufacturer. Qualified portfolio consultation, on-site sales promotion support such as portfolio positioning and the ideal set-up and design of sales floor make us a competent partner of the retailer and manufacturer. For the retailer, we ensure assistance for all questions of the end consumer regarding use and application of his items and also ensuring repair and maintenance.

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